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City Hall/ Park Row Complex

City Hall Station Was the IRTís massive station in lower Manhattan and was across the street from the BRTís Park Row Complex. In the later years, the two were connected via an overpass but retained separate fare control.

City Hall had two levels. Each level had three tracks an island platform and two side platforms. The lower level was used by Third Avenue Service and the upper by Second Avenue Trains.

Park Row was the BRTís version. It had one level. With two distinct boarding areas The East area had two island platforms and two side platforms with four tracks. The side platforms continued to the West area which had three tracks and an island platform in addition to the two side platforms.

Boarding assignments were as follows (North to South, East to West):


Exit(North side Platform)

Fulton El and Exit (North side of north island)

Fifth Avenue and Culver (South side of north island)

West End


Myrtle Avenue

Lexington Avenue


The entire two station complex was a massive station, especially the BRT station.

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